Orient Technical Marine Co., Ltd supplies all kinds of governor, replacement materials, repair and periodical maintenance of the following KIKI RHD6 series. The RHD hydraulic governor is a high efficiency governor, used for main engine, generator engine, auxiliary machine and general electric motor.





► RHD governor has a number of advantages such as:

- The RHD is a governor with great control, despite its compact design

- Since hydraulic fluid is contained in the governor, replacing pipes and sub-tank isn’t necessary when replacing the governor on the engine

- The governor can be rotated in either direction, and so it can be used without having to fix the motor rotating in the opposite direction

- Because the normal operating speed is low, governor edurance is high and gearing is simple when installing the governor on low and intermediate speed engines

- The governor has a speed droop mechanism, enabling it to be easily and freely adjusted

- The governor body’s high tensile aluminum alloy casting makes it extremely lightweight

- The governor can be equipped with a governor rotor, a pneumatic controller and a hydraulic  controller

Orient Technical Marine Co., Ltd provides services, repair, maintenance, replacement of KIKI RHD governor for a number owner ship:

- Supplying spare parts, maintenance and repairing governor for RHD6-MC generator engine for M/V GOLDEN AMOR; M/V VẠN LÝ; VOSCO STAR; VTC SUN; LONG PHU 08; VOSCO SUNRISE; MỸ VƯỢNG; Red Dragon









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